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Stop Hunger Now!


Belmont Baptist has been proud to host this event on several occasions now.  Imagine – you wake up in the morning – hungry.  You’re at mid-day – hungry.  And at night you’re still hungry…  For such a “simple” thing as food… a basic of life.  It’s perhaps hard to imagine in our world (or our part thereof) – but this is a fact for so many folks across our great world (young and old).

One Stop Hunger package feeds a hungry person for a day.  It costs approximately 25 cents! (thanks to Stop Hunger Now!).  These packages are enriching their lives, their productivity, and their hope for a better day when there is no such thing as hunger in their lives.

Here are some pictures from our last event.  Look closely, and you will see the intent, hunger, happiness, and blessings on these folks who poured out their hearts and time to make a difference in our world.

For more information about STOP Hunger NOW!…  Click the link below: