Loads of Love 

Belmont will soon be opening a new ministry – Loads of Love !  This ministry will consist of a new laundry facility located on the Chruch grounds.  The focus of this ministry is an outward reach missional ministry dedicated to serving folks in our community.  There will be five industrual type washers and dryers availabe for use.  The use of the facility will be free, but goverened by Love, Inc. and Church policy.  Please stay tuned for more information (such as hours of operation, and use of the facility, etc.) !

The grand opening for Loads of Love will be on Sunday, August 1st following morning worship.  Don’t miss this exiciting event ! 


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  Loads of Love Update  ♥  (10-05-2010)

A lot of hard work by many dedicated individuals has gone into making Loads of Love a vision come true :) This ministry is now fully operational and has been open since August 1st 2010. Loads of Love looks more like a home than a laundry facility ! It has a very warm and loving environment thanks to all our hard working volunteers. We have games, books, snacks, tables and benches as well as a restroom. There is a playground for children that is available on the weekends. And the five washing machines and dryers are getting a work out ! The ministry provides all the laundry supplies (detergent, fabric softener, needle and thread, etc.). It has not taken long for this ministry to get busy and now Loads of Love is bubbling up with excitement and growth :) Thus far Loads of Love has hosted 11 families, 8 of them regular guests each week. There has been a total of 143 loads of laundry done! Quite a number for our initial month :) On average, these folks are saving approximately $20.00 to $30.00 per visit, money they can put towards food, gas, medicine and clothing (among other needs). What an awesome ministry !!! This ministry has been a tremendous success in a short period of time. We expect this ministry to get extremely busy as we continue to serve our community. We are setting our initial goal to host 15 families. We are striving to meet time frames that work for the families using the facilities and have a great bunch of volunteers to serve. For additional information, please call Love INC (In the Name of Christ) – (434 977 7777), the Church office (434 296 7111), or see Barbara L.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

Welcome to the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Whether they are called: “Prayer Shawls”, “Comfort Shawls”, “Peace Shawls” or “Mantles” just to name a few;

Click on the links below for more information.


Prayer Shawl Ministry


Belmont Prayer Shawl Ministry


Prayer Shawls2 001


Prayer Shawls2 006


Prayer Shawls2 004

Prayer Shawls2 005



Prayer Shawls are blessed on the 4th Sunday of each month unless an urgent need arises and a shawl is available. Ways that people can help with this ministry that don’t knit or crochet is to pray for us but also they can make a monetary contribution towards yarn or they can actually purchase yarn for the ministry. All colors are accepted but a safe color selection is always red, white and blue for our fallen soldier shawls.



I wanted to share with you a thank you note that I received this morning from a recipient of one our prayer shawls that we recently delivered to the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Please pray for this family as well as the other families who have lost loved ones in the war. I appreciate the ladies who are knitting and crocheting the shawls and for the support of the church in the prayer shawl ministry. God is truly at work in the hands of these ladies and this ministry.

It was a humbling experience to go to Dover and we will be making another trip in the spring to deliver more shawls if anyone is interested in going with us. If you think you would like to go to Dover, please let me know so that I can keep your name on my list. Thank you again to each of you for your prayers and support of this ministry as you can see from the note the shawls are meaningful to the individuals who receive them.

Health and happiness to you,

Rebecca B.


Ms B. 

This is a note to thank you for the thoughtful acts of kindness. I received a shawl on Feb. 25, 2011 from the chaplain at Dover Air Force Base. My cousin was killed in Afganistan, Tuesday Feb. 22, and he was brought home on the 25th. I just want you to know that the scarfs & shawls that were received, saved our family. As you may know the wind was horrendous on Friday and we (the family) were not prepared for that. Standing on the tarmac, watching with the rest of the family as Johnathan’s coffin was taken from the plane, I said a prayer for having the warmth of one of your scarfs around my head and neck. The work your group has done is beyonds words. All I can do is let you know that we felt the warmth of your prayers in the moments on the tarmac.

May God always bless everyone of you for your time and kindness.

My cousin was Cpl. Johnathan W. T.

 Again, thank you so much for your kindness. 





Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers’ Families

Jul 8, 2009 PS4FS currently has 243 groups of knitters/crocheters and a few quilters; the majority are church-based, spread throughout our country. … 

Click on the link below for more information.

Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers’ Families



The Caring Ministry

The Caring Ministry team’s mission is to assist people in the Belmont area with utility bills and food.  We have $100 a month budgeted for utility bills.  This is given in $25 allotments.  The food closet is supported by monetary and food donations.  We also belong to the Food Lion Shop and Share program.  We have received $75 this year.  We prepare bags for families of 2, 4, and 6.  In each we try to give enough food for 2 days.  We have a freezer for bread and margarine which each receives.

Most of the time we try to keep cheese and bologna for the larger bags.

The team fills the bags and aim to keep 3 of each kind made ready for distribution.  Many thanks to the secretaries for taking the calls and giving out the bags.

Our policy is to give four or five bags a day.  Families may come once a month for assistance.   With the current financial situation we are having, many new people are asking for help.

A big thanks to all of you who have been generous with your contributions.




Deacon Team Ministries

Belmont currently has eight Team Ministries.



Bereavement and Prayer Shawl Ministry Team

The focus of the Bereavement Ministry Team is to provide support for all persons affected by death of a loved one.

“You are not alone in the shadow of your loss; we will walk with you on your journey.”


Celebrations Ministry Team

The focus of the Celebrations Ministry team is for persons who have experienced something for which we can join in celebrations and thanksgiving.  We recognize birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, etc…

Celebration is just that, we celebrate events in the life of our church. Our next event will be the grand opening of the “Loads of Love” laundry ministry.

Future events will include the prayer shawl ministry, more information will be forthcoming.

We invite all church members and friends to suggest events they may want to celebrate. Please join us in celebrating LIFE, LOVE, JOY and HOPE of our church and community.

“We rejoice with you.”


Food Ministry Team

The focus of the Food Ministry Team is to provide food for Church members and families that have been hospitalized or for whatever reason cannot prepare meals for themselves.

“We are here to help.”


Homebound Ministry Team

The focus of the Homebound Ministry Team is to reach to those who are unable to attend church services and activities for health reasons.

“We care about you and are here for you in your time of need.”


Hospital Visitation Ministry Team

The focus of the Hospital Visitation Team is to visit our Church members, families and friends who have been hospitilized.

 ”You are not alone.”


Outreach and New member Ministry Team

The focus of the Outreach and New Member Ministry Team is to build community with those who do not know about Belmont Baptist Church and its ministries.

“We strive to pay attention to those near and far.”


Small Jobs and Transportation Team

The focus of the Small Jobs and Transportation Team is twofold:

To provide for persons who need transportation to and from Belmont services and activities, as well as visits to the doctor and other important places in their lives.

“Please let us help you get to church and other important places in your life.”


To provide persons who need a helping hand with the various aspects of their life.  This could be changing a light bulb, raking leaves, removing debris, shoveling a sidewalk, fixing a broken chair, or simply assisting someone with taking a walk.  The ultimate goal of this ministry is to fulfill the need.

“Please let us give you a hand with that.”


Floating Team Ministry

The focus of the Floating Team Ministry is to help out any of the other teams as needed.

 “I am here to help in any way I can.”

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