Who We Are

Belmont Baptist Church: Our mission is to share Christ and serve others.

Belmont Baptist Church was founded in 1949. From our beginning we have been exploring and learning how we can faithfully live out the gospel in the Belmont community and beyond our neighborhood.

Belmont Baptist is a loving church that offers a “family feel” along with a desire to reach others for Christ and grow the “family”. Our traditions are important to us while we search for the ability to adapt to those around us.

We value our Baptist heritage and strive to live out the priesthood of all believers. Men along with women serve equally in places of leadership at Belmont. In 1993 we made the choice to align ourselves with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

We recognize that plenty has changed in our community and world since 1949. At Belmont, we are a work in progress. We are a group of believers attempting to listen to the changes around us and to respond in ways that faithfully live out the unchanging good news of God’s love for all people.

What we at Belmont strive to provide for ourselves and others.

  • Worship in a variety of forms including music, bible studies and contact with each other.
  • Personal and spiritual growth.
  • Acceptance of others.
  • Opportunities to serve and care for others
  • Encourage care & support during times of need
  • Friendship, fellowship & family
  • Our traditions
  • Discipleship (leadership, instruction & contact)